A little bit about us ...

We are the Pima Corrections Association, Located in Pima County.

In October 1987, the Pima County Jail Corrections Officers found the necessity to establish an organization to specifically address the needs and employment protections of county corrections professionals.

In 1988, the PCA was recognized by the county as an established employee organization. We began to make a difference fighting for the professionalism of corrections. Now we are known as a force to be reckoned with. We have access to county business through the Consult and Confer Committee as well as meetings with the Board of Supervisors and Sheriff. Anything that could affect us as professionals, we have a voice in. We have and will continue to fight for: improved retirement plans, parity pay, better benefits, better working conditions, and officer safety, in our own county and statewide

Our mailing address is Pima Corrections Association, P.O. Box 7250, Tucson, AZ 85725. The phone number is (520) 237-1549. Services provided include life insurance, grievance committee, attorney service, organized social/family events, community programs, and we continue to expand. If you have suggestions that you wish to be considered by the PCA, they should be voiced to any Board Member. The PCA exists for the benefit of all Corrections Professionals.

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We are...

Pima County Sheriff's Department Corrections

Since 1865, when the first jail was built in Pima County, Arizona, the Sheriff’s Department has seen some of the most famous and notorious people in American history: Wyatt Earp became Pima County Deputy Sheriff in 1880; Eva Dugan became the only woman ever to be executed in Arizona in 1930; and, in 1934, the entire Dillinger Gang was arrested without incident. Throughout all this colorful history, the mission has remained the same – to provide safe, secure, and humane detention to all arrestees charged with non-federal crimes in Pima County.

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department operates a “New Generation” Adult Detention Center. Unlike the prisons we are used to seeing, employing bars, security glass, and other barriers, the corrections officers are assigned to work closely to the inmates in each “pod”. In this type of direct supervision jail, the corrections officers use a proactive approach to inmate management. Law enforcement agencies in metropolitan Tucson and throughout Pima County utilize this facility. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department also controls a minimum-security facility in Tucson, AZ and a district jail in Ajo, AZ.

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What we offer

Legal Defense Program

The PCA has contracted with the Arizona Police Benefit Association (APBA), which provides the legal services of the Law Firm, Benavides Law Group, P.C.

Pima County Board of Supervisors

The PCA actively participates with the Board of Supervisors in all areas of concern to our membership. This participation includes the following:

  • County Departments
  • County Administrator
  • Human Resources
  • Employment Rights

The PCA represents its members in matters pertaining to personnel policies, terms and conditions of employment, and the establishment of equitable and amicable procedures for resolution of all differences.

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International Union of Police Associations

The PCA is affiliated with the IUPA and our members receive an additional $10,000.00 Life Insurance Policy at no additional cost. To activate, you must call 1-800-899-2782. All members are required to be on payroll deduction – this is a service provided by Pima County in which your membership dues are automatically deducted. The PCA is active in the Pima County Community, affiliated nationally with the AFL –CIO, and was instrumental in lobbying for Bills to protect and provide Corrections Professionals with a twenty-year retirement, a Bill of Rights, Criminal Code revisions, and more.